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An open letter to the vandals who wrecked the Forest Community Centre

It’s about time we all had a little chat.

Melksham, as a town, a community brought together by your random acts of vandalism has had enough.

This evening the Forest Community Centre was vandalised, glass smashed through the front door. You were all caught on CCTV, your faces were clear, your clothes can be described, the damage caused was caught on CCTV for all to see.

Forest Community Centre has just secured the door, it cost £250. £250 that could have been spent on the centre, the community, it could have been put towards projects that support the town and it’s people.

The door will need to be repaired. The glass will need to be replaced.

We spoke to Forest Community Centre earlier. They said ‘The young lad stormed away from the group and proceeded to kick the front door window of the centre, causing the window to be put through, he walked off alone and a few minutes later the 3 girls followed’

The fantastic thing about Melksham is that in both times of celebration and struggle the town comes together as a community, and tonight it will be no different. We’ve had enough.

Time to make some decisions in your lives, you’re all young, and there is still time to choose a path away from these mindless acts.

We’d encourage you to ring 101, and offer to hand yourselves in and offer up any information with regards to this.

Make life easier for yourselves, or don’t, either way, Melksham has spoken and this stops now.

A fundraiser has been set up to help pay for the damages.



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