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STEPS Christmas Gift

04 January 2018 The display in the waiting room of eating disorders service STEPS, provided an opportunity for service users and careers to ‘give the gift of appreciation’ by completing a comment card in the shape of a present. The SUP encouraged positive feedback based around four questions: – What do you value about STEPS?  – What has made a real difference this year? – What works well in the service? – Thank you for…? SUP member Carolyn Trippick, commented: “As a service user, I’m aware that working within an eating disorder setting isn’t an easy role; it requires patience, resilience and an unrelenting belief in recovery.  “The STEPS team do an amazing job, day in and day out, demonstrating warmth, kindness and genuine care and compassion in all that they do. So, we – the Service User Panel – just wanted to say thank you to the teams (both community and inpatient) and allow other service users and carers the opportunity to show their personal appreciation and support for these services too.”  Kind words really do make a difference and so many heartfelt messages were added to the Christmas appreciation noticeboard, including: “Thank you for all the love, care and patience you show all year round, to all that seek support from the services.” “STEPS builds and inspires hope in recovery.” “Tom is amazing as are all the team – you keep me alive and hope one day soon we WILL get there. Thank you for everything.” “Merry Christmas to everyone at STEPS. You all do such amazing work and should take great pride!” “I would have totally lost hope without STEPS. You’ve helped me to hold on, be patient and keep fighting for a brighter future.” “Merry Christmas to everyone at STEPS, in the community and on the ward. Thank you for all you do and the patience and kindness you show. Thank you to Rose for being so supportive.” “Hugh is fantastic. Have a great Christmas all of you.” Staff have felt very much appreciated by the many comments left, especially those with a personal touch.

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